P.I. Resources, LLC

PI Resources offers a full-scope of environmental investigation, remediation and management capabilities to our clients. Our professionals are skilled in developing safe, cost-effective, and creative solutions to today’s environmental challenges.

Project Management
  • Prepare and Impliment Health and Safety Plans in Accordance with WISHA and OSHA
  • Negotiate Cleanup Levels with Ecology and/or EPA
  • Obtain Access Agreements
Site Characterization,  Investigation and Regulatory Compliance Services
  • Prepare and Impliment Workplans
  • Collect Soil and Groundwater Samples
  • Install Monitoring Wells
  • Conduct groundwater monitoring
  • Provide oversight of contractors 
  • Prepare and submit final reports to clients and regulatory agencies
  • Prepare and submit "No Further Action" requests to regulatory agencies.  
Stormwater Management  and Erosion Control
  • Prepare Stormwater Site Plans for local government review
  • Prepare Stormwater Management Plans (SWMP)
  • Obtain National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits 
  • Conduct Water Quality/Turbidity Monitoring 
  • Prepare Construction Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plans (SWPP) 
  • Implimint Quality Assurance and Quality Control Inspections
  • Conduct Water Quality Monitoring
  • Onsite chemical treatment of stormwater.
Water Treatment Design and Groundwater Remediation
  • Design and Install Groundwater Pump and Treatment Systems
  • Design and Install Air Sparge Systems in conjunction with Vapor Extraction Systems 
  • Inject HRC or ORC into the subsurface to stimulate biodegredation rates
  • Conduct Groundwater Monitoring to evaluate Remediation Efficency
Wetland & Stream Restoration Services
  • Stream Bypass & Aquatic Species Removal/Relocation
  • Culver Removal/Replacement
  • Installation of loose-wood debris and other habitiat structures
  • Shoreline/Stream Bank Protection
  • Invasive Species Mitigation
  • Installation of Associated Utilities and Surface Structures, such as walking paths, over-looks, benches, etc.
  • Seeding & Planting
  • Post-Restoration Monitoring